Evolutionary dead end

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I believe that sometimes evolution hangs in some technologies (biologic solution) that are not the best ones.

For instance:

Brain convolution in mammals animal,which is apparently a solution found to increase area in the brain. We can imagine that on this biologic solution (brain convolution) the mammals has implemented other solution in the brain, for instance to fall in love, to recognize faces, to understand sentences etc..

As all those new biologic solution depends on the fact that brain convolution exists. Mammals can't change brain convolution technologies, because if the did that, they would loose faces recognition, the ability to understand sentences etc... And that even if it exist better solution than brain convolution from building an efficient brain.

So for instance mammal evolution hangs in brain convolution technology.

Nicolas Bourdon --Nicobzz 12:46, 5 June 2011 (CEST)