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Wiki-theory ideas page where the ideas behind wiki-theory can be developed. Motivation for Wiki-theory is, in part, the question that if websites such as wikipedia can function as an open repository of collective knowledge can a website also function as a open collective processor? Open collaboration has been successfully implemented by several websites restricted to areas such as mathematics and programming, where utilisable progress can be made without practical verification. One of the challenges for projects such as this is how to asses if development is meaningful.


A wiki open to editing by anyone were people can post their hypotheses, problems or just a single new idea that can then be edited and built on to by others. The idea is that in this way promising proposals can develop in a progressive way leading eventually to fully fledged theories of science, mathematics or a logical system in a broader sense.


Etiquette: Ideally new ideas and contributions will follow logically or plausibly from accepted knowledge for which references should be given when possible.


If you are interested in how current ideas could move forward, have ideas that you do not have the time or are unable to complete or that require turning into a rigorous mathematical model. Have an idea that academics ignore? make a page for it here and see if others like you can make something of it.


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